2011-03-28 - Fedora QA Meeting - recap

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon Mar 28 18:05:42 UTC 2011

As always, minutes and IRC transcript available at

TOPIC: Previous meeting follow-up
      * jlaska - thanks to all who provided anaconda+lorax karma last
        week.  I've built another boot.iso for testing the latest
        anaconda-15.25-1 and NM-0.9 changes
              * https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/anaconda-15.25-1.fc15

TOPIC: Rescheduling GNOME3 test day
      * The test day is scheduled on 7th of April now, which collides
        with the GNOME3 release again 
      * Reschedule for Apr 21st - plenty of time before F-15 final
        change deadline

TOPIC: Upcoming QA events
     1. Tuesday, March 29 - Beta 'test compose'
              * Request: https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/4533
              * jlaska has a newer boot.iso available for verifying
                anaconda-15.25-1 and NM-0.9 -
     2. Tuesday, March 29 - Printing Test Day
              * ACTION: tflink to handle announcements for Printing test
     3. Thursday, March 31 - ABRT/Retrace Server Test Day
              * No assistance needed creating/editing wiki content
              * Help may be needed to create custom live images if
                content does not land in nightly live ISO
     4. Friday, April 1 - F-15-Beta Blocker #4
              * LINK: http://bit.ly/f15-beta-blocker-proposed
              * LINK: http://bit.ly/f15-beta-blocker-accepted

TOPIC: AutoQA Updates
      * LINK:
      * Bodhi should be fixed now, thanks lmacken for quick response.
      * As for AutoQA, we're working on fine-tuning all those errors and
        would like to make a bugfix release soon (next week? just a
      * ACTION: tflink will gather a list of stale -pending tags and
        determine whether autoqa or bodhi bug
      * tflink added new method to our library allowing us to easily
        download RPMs for a specific build
      * vhumpa committed a patch splitting watcher scripts and event
        definitions into separate directories (abolishing 'hook' word).
        That should make the architecture more comprehensible. He's now
        in the process of adjusting wiki documentation to reflect it.
      * jskladan has provided patches for upgradepath, which was
        incorrectly reporting results to updates consisting of more than
        1 build
      * AutoQA will following a proper versioning scheme from now on.
        Major number bump for very large changes, minor number bump for
        standard feature additions and standard-size changes, and
        revision number bump for bugfix releases.
      * We have even created 'stable' git branch that should always
        contain the latest stable code (released or about to be

TOPIC: NetworkManager-0.9 and libreoffice status check
      * jlaska asked if anyone knew the status of the pending NM-0.9
        update -
              * Appears to be headed for stable, waiting for usual
                mirror/compose syncing
      * jlaska also asked if what was up with the pending libreoffice
        update -
              * has been submitted but not pushed yet
      * Adamw asked if anyone tested other desktops (KDE, LXDE, XFCE)
              * nirik noted that LXDE was working
              * Positive KDE feedback was posted to the bodhi update
              * Adamw planned to run a few tests later in the day on
                XFCE and others

TOPIC: Handling HTML email to test at lists.fp.org
      * Viking-Ice offered a proposal to update mailman settings to
        enable convert_html_to_plaintxt to automatically convert HTML
        emails to plaintext
              * The group agreed with this change
      * Viking-Ice also suggested rejecting HTML messages, with a
        customized response pointing people to
              * The group didn't reach consensus on whether
                auto-rejecting emails was a good first response for

TOPIC: Pending website change
      * LINK: https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-websites/ticket/45
      * tflink informed the team that A ticket was filed with
        fedora-websites to add a notice that all pre-release feedback
        should be directed to #fedora-qa or test@

TOPIC: Nightly live ISO URLs
      * Adamw reminded folks that nightly live ISO generation is being
        done by koji now, so the URLs have changed
      * LINK:
      * ACTION: nirik will look into updating the nightly-composes
    to eliminate any 404's

     1. vhumpa reach out to reschedule GnomeShell #3 for April 21
     2. tflink to handle announcements for Printing test day
     3. tflink looking into stale -pending tags and determine whether
        autoqa or bodhi bug
     4. nirik will look into updating the nightly-composes directory to
        eliminate any 404's
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