Today's GNOME pathologies

Pierre Jaury pierre at
Mon Mar 28 18:29:13 UTC 2011

I also lost some icons and my background on rawhide, plus got errors
about glib schemas (which actualy make me grumpy too). 

Last update even broke dependencies around nm and libnm, getting yum
complaining about instant messaging, from empathy to gnome-shell, which
requires telepathy-logger.

Since mutter won't start either, I'm still mining for interesting data
to report.

Le lundi 28 mars 2011 à 11:22 -0600, Jonathan Corbet a écrit :
> So I just updated my Rawhide system.  Items noticed in the first few
> minutes:
>  - Blinking cursors are on everything and cannot be turned off.  I *hate*
>    blinking cursors.  They make me Grumpy.
>  - Lots of icons are missing.  The "system settings" dialog is now mostly
>    text.
>  - Setting the background no longer works; it is pure black.
> Obviously something has gone a little funky somewhere; or is it only me?
> Thanks,
> jon

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