claws-mail hosed in today's Rawhide

Michał Piotrowski mkkp4x4 at
Tue Mar 29 15:19:06 UTC 2011

2011/3/29 Michael Schwendt <mschwendt at>:
> On Tue, 29 Mar 2011 07:54:10 -0600, Jonathan wrote:
>>       [Repeat after me: "never jump into daily rawhide updates in the
>>       hope that they'll fix the things that broke yesterday"]
>> What broke today is claws-mail.  It reads mail just fine, and will happily
>> let you put time into composing messages, but it is totally unable to send
>> them.  Clicks on the "send" button are apparently ignored.  Hitting
>> "draft" yields a helpful dialog saying "Can't save draft" and no more.
>> I've had to run screaming to an older version...
> Interesting, because Claws Mail has not been updated. It has only been
> rebuilt in Rawhide and F-15:
>  Changelog
>  * Sun Mar 27 2011 Christopher Aillon - 3.7.8-7
>  - Rebuild against NetworkManager 0.9
> Of course, that could mean that the F-15 rebuild also suffers from the
> same issues you've mentioned. The related mass-update of packages is
> this:
> Dunno how usable Rawhide is currently, because (if at all) most package
> devs play with F-15 Branched and updates-testing.

Quilt was also not changed for F15 and it's broken

Maybe there is something wrong with some important library?

Anyone else noticed hard to explain cases when an non changed
application suddenly broke?

Best regards,

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