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Scott Robbins scottro at nyc.rr.com
Thu Mar 31 00:20:55 UTC 2011

Just did a new install on a netbook--this time I went for my usual
minimal installation.  It failed on bind-libs.  This strikes me as ood
for two reasons--why would bind-libs be included in a minimal
installation, and why would it cause the installation to fail?  

I thought I had seen, somewhere along the line, that anaconda had been
made more robust and wouldn't die on a failed package, especially when
the package is non-essential.  Is that simply my imagination playing
tricks?  (Googling doesn't bring me any sign of it.)  

Even if it is the case, from what I see on CentOS with whatrequires
bind-libs, it's really not necessary for a minimal installation.  

(Ironically, trying a complete install earlier worked perfectly.)

Would someone be able to tell me if I am imagining things about Anaconda
being so fragile?  Seems that most other installers are able to recover
from something like that, so it should be doable.    

The bind-libs being included in a minimal install sounds like a possible
bug, but the same argument could probably be made for anything not
essential to boot into a shell.  I'm guessing that it was just a glitch
in the image downloaded on this install, or a network burp, but the
bigger concern, IMHO, is anaconda being so fragile.  (Especially if it's
not supposed to be, but as mentioned above, I can't find anything to
support that, so am beginning to think I misunderstood, or perhaps
scanned over, something in the past.)

I think I'm most annoyed over my failing memory.  Running the install a
second time, everything was fine.  

Thanks for any feedback, (especially on whether there was or wasn't an
anaconda fix). 

Scott Robbins
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