F15 BETA.TC1 experiences

A.J. Werkman AJ.Werkman at digifarma.nl
Thu Mar 31 06:15:12 UTC 2011

When installing over the network and providing IP address through boot 
options I noticed in the log a message saying it couldn't find 
updates.img with the reason "name resolution error". As I did not expect 
to load a updates.img this didn't effect me. But further on in the 
installation I saw no networking problem and all the packages were 
fetched as expected.

Could it be that networking is activated after anaconda tries to load 
updates.img or am I looking at an artefact.


Op 30-3-2011 19:36, Gregory Woodbury schreef:
> Downloaded BETA.TC1 x86_64 DVD.iso and did an install on a VBox guest.
> No glitches encountered during the install.
> One nit: NetworkManager isn't activated during the install so firstboot
> isn't
>    network connected for the NTP setup dialogue.
> Looks good to me.
> --
> G.Wolfe Woodbury
> aka redwolfe (proventesters)

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