since last update system does not boot any more

Adam Pribyl pribyl at
Thu Mar 31 19:40:06 UTC 2011

On Thu, 31 Mar 2011, Panu Matilainen wrote:

> On 03/31/2011 07:51 PM, cornel panceac wrote:
>> 2011/3/31 Scott Robbins <scottro at <mailto:scottro at>>
>>     Yet another reason setting grub's timeout to 0 was a very bad idea,
>>     especially in VMs.
>> indeed, i had to boot another operating system to increase the timeout
>> so that i can change the kernel line when needed....
> Holding left shift during early boot used to bring up the grub menu,
> timeout or not. Doesn't seem to work in F15 anymore, although having
> swithed to a usb-keyboard might have something to do with it. In any
> case getting the system to boot to single-user equivalent to workaround
> this systemd/selinux issue was unnecessarily painful.

Did you found any way how to force systemd to boot to single-user? So far 
my installation of F15 with systemd has only one runlevel, I can not 
switch it - nor with grub option, neither with inittab or init command.

> 	- Panu -

Adam Pribyl

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