where do I put a command to setup keyboard shortcuts for Gnome 3

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at yahoo.com
Sun May 1 01:16:02 UTC 2011

> The attached document "Gnome3Help"
> has some good information about Gnome 3.  "Compose Key"
> (pg.11) will do for ñ or accentuation like the a in está.
> For my purposes I assigned The"Compose Key" to the
> "Pose/Brake" key.

May I ask which one is that "key"?  I tried the right alt key to compose, but I get a way to switch between windows/apps :(

> > I have tried creating a file in 
> > userdirectory
> > ~/.xinitrc with the command, but it does not
> work.  
> > 
> > Any suggestions out there?  Works with KDE/XFCE/
> other desktops out
> > there? a universal solution not necessarily for Gnome
> 3?
> > 

Thank you very much for sharing this document :)  It will become more handy later.  I try to customize the setting for composing, but I see composing methods and I don't know which/what to choose ?  I would just like to run a command and be done with it*(to do it quicker) if that is possible?



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