new firewall utility in Fedora and F15 Beta install problems on a netbook

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Sun May 1 01:23:34 UTC 2011

Dear folks,

Sorry for asking this question :(, but how does one know if were are running a firewall on basic install?  Do we have to set it up on our own, or it is setup automagically for us?  

I have read in the features for Fedora 15 an easy firewall builder or such utility.  I want to ask if there are any howto's to set it up and also be done with it like the character encoding/compose key that was asked before.

Thanks in Advance,


running several machines with Fedora 15 beta
4 Gnome 3, 1 KDE 4, 1 LXDE

tried to install XFCE beta spin but got error message "Dropping you to a shell" no root device was found :(  Tried with Gnome 3 spin and LXDE spins and ran into same issue :(, tried to install it on netbook with an external cd/dvd drive.  smolt profile here:

The three live cd's boot fine on regular desktop machines except on this netbook :(

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