where do I put a command to setup keyboard shortcuts for Gnome 3

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Sun May 1 03:28:17 UTC 2011

Antonio my apologies for the typo. 

The key I used is the Pause/Brake key, not Pose/Brake as I typed. The drop down menu shows it as "Pause".

The key assignment is straightforward. And  using it is very easy and fast.

Give it a try.

To define which key will become the Compose Key:
1. Click your name in the top right corner of the screen (top bar)
2  Select System Settings.
3. Click Region and Language.
4. Select the Layouts tab and click Options.
5. Click the plus sign at the group called "Compose key position".  Select the key you would like to behave as the compose key  (I used "Pause" which is the Pause/Brake keyboard key). The selected key will then only work as the "Compose Key", and will no longer work for their original purpose.
6. Close all the windows.

That is all.

A couple of examples:

To type an ñ: 
1.  Press your "Compose Key" (in my case the "Pause/Break" key).
2.  Press the character ~. 
3.  Press the letter n to get the ñ.

For an accent (such as the á in está):
1.  Press your "Compose Key" (in my case the "Pause/Break" key).
2.  Press the '. 
3.  Press the letter a to get á.

----- "Antonio Olivares" <olivares14031 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> > The attached document "Gnome3Help"
> > has some good information about Gnome 3.  "Compose Key"
> > (pg.11) will do for ñ or accentuation like the a in está.
> > 
> > For my purposes I assigned The"Compose Key" to the
> > "Pose/Brake" key.
> > 
> May I ask which one is that "key"?  I tried the right alt key to
> compose, but I get a way to switch between windows/apps :(
> > 
> > > I have tried creating a file in 
> > > userdirectory
> > > ~/.xinitrc with the command, but it does not
> > work.  
> > > 
> > > Any suggestions out there?  Works with KDE/XFCE/
> > other desktops out
> > > there? a universal solution not necessarily for Gnome
> > 3?
> > > 
> Thank you very much for sharing this document :)  It will become more
> handy later.  I try to customize the setting for composing, but I see
> composing methods and I don't know which/what to choose ?  I would
> just like to run a command and be done with it*(to do it quicker) if
> that is possible?
> Regards,
> Antonio 
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