Has this been reported?

Leslie S Satenstein lsatenstein at yahoo.com
Mon May 2 02:39:58 UTC 2011

I am not certain if I installed it, or if alacarte is automatically installed.
I went to the fallback mode, and right clicked on applications, which opened alacarte.

alacarte shows, as the last menu entry, "System" which has applications and a sub-folder called preferences.  

That path in the tree has very few applications appearing in the fallback menus. (No system, and no Preferences applications).

This is a bug, and I attempted to report it as same.

I have another bug with fallback. Any application that I copy and paste to the tool bar, becomes permenant. I copied Solitare to the top bar, and am unable to remove it. The same problem with the icon/link for "Software Update".

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