2011-05-02 - Fedora QA Meeting - recap

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon May 2 16:12:22 UTC 2011

As always, minutes and IRC transcript available at

TOPIC: Previous meeting follow-up
     1. adamw reached out to rdieter for status of 684846
     2. jlaska - reached out to mgracik for input on 696320 -
     3. jlaska - add
        to F15-TC1 rel-eng ticket - more on this later
     4. jlaska - test 700085 using an updates.img prior to Final TC1 -
        just tested ... looks good

TOPIC: F-15-Final-TC1 status
      * STATUS: INPROGRESS -- see
      * TC1 expected to arrive later today
      * Continue to monitor for blocker bugs at
      * Robatino will send TC1 ISO announcements to test-announce at .
        Final-TC1 testing will be recorded on the wiki at
      * The team conducted a *mini* review of 2 proposed blocker
        bugs ...
             1. AGREED: 700967 - AcceptedBlocker - Impacts basic
                application functionality for s-c-lang when run by KDE
             2. AGREED: 696278 - Continue triage - Still unclear on the
                exact cause, and the exact failure. Requested additional
                logs from reporters, preupgrade is planned for testing
                against TC1

TOPIC: AutoQA update
      * Kparal introduced the new autoqa mascot -
      * As you might have noticed, we have released AutoQA 0.4.7 last
        week -
      * The main topic of the next 0.5.0 release should be "making
        AutoQA outputs more maintainer-friendly".  Discussion has
        started on autoqa-devel@, expecting to have a meeting this week
        to identify focus areas and refine the 0.5.0 plan (see

TOPIC: Upcoming QA events
     1. Monday, May 02 (TODAY) - Final TC1 testing starts
     2. Friday, May 06 - Final blocker review meeting
     3. Wednesday, May 11 - Final Candidate testing starts
     4. Tuesday, May 17 - Go/NoGo meeting
              * Only 2+ weeks of testing remaining in F15!!!

TOPIC: Open Discussion - <your topic here>
     1. Robatino expressed concerns about gnome-session-saving support
        for users upgrading from F14->F15.  Jlaska and Robatino agreed
        to focus additional testing and review results in #fedora-qa 
     2. tflink and adamw discussed the Cloud SIG test day, tflink will
        follow-up with the Cloud SIG for an event recap

     1. tflink to follow-up with cloud sig for test day recap
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