F15 boot problems

A.J. Werkman AJ.Werkman at digifarma.nl
Wed May 4 06:35:06 UTC 2011

I don't have suggestions in this paticular case, but are we not talking 
about a more structural problem here that should be addresssed: it takes 
to long to load the installation image. Myself I have encountered this 
several times, that it takes ages for the installation image to load. By 
itself this is not realy a problem, but there is no screen action during 
loading, making people to believe the system has hung.

What are the consequences when F15 will be releaesed?


Op 3-5-2011 22:38, James Laska schreef:
> On Tue, 2011-05-03 at 21:52 +0200, Robert M. Albrecht wrote:
>> Hi James,
>> Am 03.05.11 21:16, schrieb James Laska:
>>> On Tue, 2011-05-03 at 21:03 +0200, Robert M. Albrecht wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Fedora 14 is running on the machine.
>>>> I tried both F15 Beta and F15 Test Compose on this machine.
>>>> The system is booting from cdrom, but does not even get to grub.
>>>> Directly after booting there is only a blinking cursor on an empty text
>>>> mode screen.
>>> I have a system where I need to wait what seems like an eternity before
>>> I see progress after the blinking cursor.  If I wait long enough ... the
>>> boot proceeds without error.  This assumes we are talking about the same
>>> screen.  Is this observed while booting into the installer, or by
>>> booting the installed system?
>> Only when booting into the installer.
>> How long did you wait ? I waited for about 5-10 Minutes. Too short ?
> I think mine took somewhere between 2-4 minutes.  Perhaps give it a
> *good* 15 minutes.  That's obviously not idea, but I'm curious if it
> eventually does response.  What type of system is this?
> Anyone else have debugging suggestions for Robert?  Perhaps some kernel
> args that might help.
> Thanks,
> James

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