Well, I've tried GNOME 3 now...

Clyde E. Kunkel clydekunkel7734 at cox.net
Thu May 5 01:55:41 UTC 2011

On 05/04/2011 06:30 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> On Fri, 2011-04-29 at 11:21 +0200, Karel Volný wrote:
> Well, you had to use Desktop Effects to turn on Compiz, and lots of
> people seem to have figured _that_ out. It was only in the feature list,
> and in every Fedora review ever, and, you know, everywhere else. It
> wasn't hard information to find, let's put it that way.

Desktop effects never worked on my machines with ati drivers and so I 
just assumed the shell was something way out there and maybe desktop 
effects would work for me sometime in the future.  It was only with 
F15Alpha that I discovered "the shell" and not having experienced it 
before, or even paid any attention to anything on the lists about it, I 
experienced a steep learning curve and at first felt that this was a 
case of coders telling users what users should like and be damned.  With 
some use and perusal of the desktop lists and gnome lists, I learned the 
design philosophy behind it and now really like it.  Are there gnome 
desktop things I miss?  Sure. But there are more things I like.

So, all that said, it is pretty obvious to me that only with F15 has any 
decent word gotten out for those who could not experience "the shell" 
previously for whatever reason.  Just like most things new and 
different, folks will get used to it and all the user feedback will, in 
some form, play into future development.


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