Fedora 15 kernels and DKMS

Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Thu May 5 18:45:30 UTC 2011

Joachim Backes wrote:
> I have similar problem: I installed VirtualBox from virtualbox.org, but
> if the kernel is updated, no VirtualBox modules are updated: I always
> have to rebuild them manually.

Yes, I have a similar problem.

I looked over the kernel.spec and found no change to the upgrade scripts.

The grubby package hasn't been updated in F15 either, which is what the 
kernel post-install scripts call to build the initramfs and friends 
(where DKMS was somehow called).

I'm not sure what has changed at this point, but I'm pretty sure it has 
nothing to do with the kernel package. It must be with grubby and one of 
its processes no longer calls DKMS.

If anyone has any ideas I would be grateful. If not... off to bugzilla I go.

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