Really Slow boot in F15

John Mellor jmellor at
Fri May 6 00:38:39 UTC 2011

Is it normal to have F15 beta boot times that are much longer than F14?

I have a fully up-to-date F14 running on a single-core Athlon-3300+
(4000 bogomips) on an AsRock MB and using a midrange Radeon RV770 gpu
and a single primary WD-1200JB PATA drive on the first PATA interface.
It boots to the login screen in roughly 60 seconds, using the old RC

I also have a fully up-to-date F15 beta running on a dual-core Athlon-II
4400+ (8900 bogomips) on an Asus M3A motherboard and using a similar
midrange Radeon Cirrus gpu and a single 1TB Seagate blue SATA-II drive
on SATA interface #3.  It takes 145 seconds, or almost 3 times as long
to boot as far as the login screen, using the new parallel mechanism.

Now I would have thought that a machine with more than twice the
horsepower and many times the disk bandwidth and the new parallel boot
mechanism would be up in only a few seconds, and certainly no more than
(say) 30 seconds.  However, I'm observing 145-second boot times.  Both
machines have unaltered boot scripting, so I assume that something is
messed up in how the new boot engine is doing things.

What can I look at to determine where in the boot sequence that the
problem bottleneck is, and how do I do it?

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