GNOME shell broken after suspend and resume for driver r300_dri

Christoph Frieben christoph.frieben at
Sat May 7 04:57:02 UTC 2011

2011/5/6 Adam Williamson:
> Please just file a bug, it's not massively important right now whether
> this affects similar chipsets or not; the important thing is that it
> gets tracked as a bug. thanks!
> --
> Adam Williamson

I had reported bug 643700 back in October 2010 for Fedora 14 ("black
window when running glxgears after resume from suspend on ATI Radeon
X800 SE") but it did not get further attention and nobody but you is
on the CC list even though the hardware is mainstream, and I would
expect many other Radeon users to be affected, too, making this a more
global issue. That's why I was interested in obtaining feedback
through the list. ~C

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