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Sat May 7 08:21:41 UTC 2011

Hey guys,

I'm happy to be joining the Fedora BugZappers. I've been using Fedora for a
few years now .Back then it was only on FC10! I'm still surprised at how
fast new versions of all the Linux distros are released. Anyway, I
absolutely love using Fedora, Linux, and open-source software in general and
I've been wanting to contribute for a while now.

My experience with Linux and Fedora amount to a lot of playing around,
trying out different programs and customizing them and Fedora to my liking.
I'm a computer science major, but my university career is currently on hold
so I've been trying to teach myself a lot.

I'll tell you a little about me:

My name is Jeffrey Zic, and I am twenty-one years old. I live in the small
town of Milan, New York. Although I've been using Fedora for two or three
years now, I've only started using it as my main OS recently. Before I spent
most of my time on Windows, but now I only really use it for playing games.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help out with Fedora. Since I'm new
here I know I'm going to be quite lost so I'd appreciate anyone who can give
me some help starting out! I'm posting my contact information below.


Jeffrey Zic

E-Mail: gixugif at
IRC: Gixugif @
AIM: Gixugif
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