Titlebar text missing in shade mode

Filipe Rosset rosset.filipe at gmail.com
Mon May 9 05:46:24 UTC 2011

Em 08-05-2011 23:33, Jason D. Clinton escreveu:
> On Sun, May 8, 2011 at 19:31, Richard England <rlengland at frontier.com
> <mailto:rlengland at frontier.com>> wrote:
>     On 05/08/2011 05:22 PM, Richard England wrote:
>      > After discovering I needed "tweak tool" (gnome-tweak-tool*rpm) to
>     make
>      > the window shade (aka shade mode) work I discovered that when a
>     windows
>      > is "shaeded" the titlebar information disappears.  I use this
>      > extensively to move between several windows on a screen.
>      >
>      > Has any one else noticed that the title bar is blank in "shade" mode?
>      > Who/where/how do I report this?
>      >
>      > ~~R
>      >
>     Forgot to include, if it matters, that this is in fallback mode. I've
>     not got a test system, yet, that will support non-fallback mode.
> Fallback mode is Metacity, the same window manager that we've been
> using. The code changed very little during the 3.x cycle so if there's a
> new bug related to this the most likely culprit is the window theme.

Yeap, I tested it here and the problem happens with the Adwaita theme.
With Clearlooks it's works as expected.

I'm using the fallback mode too.

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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