2011-05-09 - Fedora QA Meeting - recap

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon May 9 19:02:45 UTC 2011

As always, minutes and IRC transcript available at

TOPIC: Previous meeting follow-up
     1. Cloud sig test day recap - tflink got in touch with mgoldmann
        who was occupied with Summit/JBW last week.  He plans to send a
        recap this week.

TOPIC: F-15-Final-RC1 status
      * STATUS: Expected Wednesday, May 11 -- see
      * Continue to monitor for blocker bugs at
      * Robatino and rhe prepared to send RC1 ISO announcements to
        test-announce at . 
      * Robatino already created Final RC1 QA wiki pages at
      * The team conducted a *mini* review of 2 accepted and 1 proposed
        blocker bugs ...
             1. bug#697834 - gnome-menus - Other menu appears in default
                installation (any .desktop entry with Category=Settings
                ends up here (even if there's also Category=System))
                      * Unclear what this needs to move forward, jlaska
                        will reach out to mclasen for guidance
                      * AdamW researching and testing a patch to resolve
                        the issue
             2. bug#693809 - imsettings - Error message about missing
                input methods should be removed
                      * Waiting to hear back from tagoh to respond to
                        caillon feedback.
                      * jlaska will reach out to caillon to confirm that
                        recent comments are still inline with original
                        bug report
             3. bug#702650 - plymouth - Concurrency problem when
                unlocking partition
                      * kparal retesting and plans to reach out to test@
                        for feedback
                      * halfline is on PTO, lennart said he would
                        provide feedback in his absence

TOPIC: AutoQA update
      * AutoQA trac milestones have been changed to reflect the new
        topic for 0.5.0 release - making AutoQA results more
        user-friendly (for package-maintainers).
      * We held a meeting where we discussed different approaches
        related to 0.5.0 milestone. tflink was kind enough to create a
        record of it:
      * We agreed to substantially lower the number of emails that are
        currently sent to package maintainers through Bodhi comments. We
        will also improve the structure and contents of the test log -
        it will be specific to a particular update, it won't contain
        many other updates any more. Every test will be documented on
        Fedora wiki and the most information will be provided there.
      * We tackled a problem with too low disk space on AutoQA server
        that resulted in massive deletion of very recent logs. And we
        will continue to work on it. The problem was caused by some
        stuck-in-a-loop tests that generated many GBs of test logs.
      * jlaska reported that the quick changes made on Friday
        dramatically reduced the size of depcheck test logs on the
        autoqa server.  Special thanks to smooge for providing
        additional disk space for our guest

TOPIC: Upcoming QA events
     1. Wednesday, May 11 - Final Candidate testing starts
     2. Tuesday, May 17 - Go/NoGo meeting
     3. Tuesday, May 24 - Final (GA) release

TOPIC: Review proposed NTH bugs
     1. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=674321 - exo
        shouldn't take x-scheme-handler/file mimetype
              * AGREED: 674321 - AcceptedNTH - impacts desktop criteria
                for non-default desktop
     2. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=694900 - Missing
        icon in xfce4-panel 'Add new items' dialog
              * AGREED: 694900 - AcceptedNTH - obvious polish issue for
                non-default desktop
     3. For bugs related to F14->F15 upgrades where configured services
        are no longer starting under systemd - jlaska will file bugs and
        will raise/discuss after meeting.

     1. jlaska to follow-up w/ halfline on bug#702650
     2. kparal + jlaska to continue testing bug#702650
     3. adamw proposing patch for bug#697834
     4. jlaska - file proposed NTH bugs for F14->F15

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