shell is gone?

John Morris jmorris at
Tue May 10 16:27:55 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-05-10 at 08:33 +0200, Matej Cepl wrote:

> The important thing is that the fault line is not around drivers, but 
> around individual chip. Some are working better, some worse, some (ATI 
> R1**, R2**, intel 8**) were blacklisted as mostly hopeless cases.

So Radeon 9250 cards that run Compiz perfectly are now garbage pail
kids?  I thought we in the free/open camp liked to brag about not
needing the fastest newest hardware.  I picked the 9250 at the time I
built out a set of workstations a few years back not because it was fast
but because it was one of the few cards at the time that was rock solid
with the Free X drivers and I didn't want to play the games with the
closed drivers.  Good thing I hadn't planned on deploying GNOME3 anyway.

Jeeze people, just how much 3d grunt do you really need for a fricking
desktop?  Optional bells and whistles?  Yea if you got it why not flaunt
it but can we keep the base requirements minimal?
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