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Tue May 10 21:07:27 UTC 2011

On Mon, 09 May 2011 13:20:18 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> In fact, these difficulties with hierarchical menus were one of the main
> underlying motivations for the design of the shell overview. Not
> surprisingly, the shell overview does not have these problems, mostly.
> The primary mode of interaction with the overview is search; you just
> start typing.

	I'm not sure I know what overview that is. (I still can't launch 
Gnome on my F15 machine, and have been running KDE4 there.)

	How is that paradigm meant to apply to those absent-minded souls 
among us who disremember what an otherwise familiar item is called? There 
are a bunch of things (in fact more as time passes, alas!, especially 
anent renamed ones) that I find by groping toward a mental picture of 
something "down over about there." My verbal memory is crammed with 
languages living and dead, but my pictorial memory has a little room left.

	The baby in the hierarchical bathwater was considered, certainly, 
as appears in a post shortly below (James Laska is corroborating Adam 
Williamson) : 

>> [...] the idea was that categories were
>> used to keep things properly ordered, and the only way we could
>> guarantee people *didn't* wind up with giant lists to scroll through 
>> was
>> to categorize everything properly. Something winding up in Other was
>> proof that it wasn't correctly categorized, hence, problem!

> Bingo!  I was trying to recall history reading old mailing list posts,
> but Adam nails it.  That matches my recollection of where that criteria
> comes from.

	Am I missing an obvious remedy?? Since it was considered, surely 
some remedy *was* found and accepted.

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