Grubby templates [was Somebody hosed grub.conf]

Jonathan Corbet corbet-ft at
Fri May 13 14:43:30 UTC 2011

On Thu, 12 May 2011 18:47:56 +0000
Jóhann B. Guðmundsson <johannbg at> wrote:

> Anywho it most likely was caused by a post-install script failure.

I watched closely as today's kernel update came through:

>   Installing : kernel-2.6.39-0.rc7.git3.0.fc16.x86_64                       19/37 
> grubby fatal error: unable to find a suitable template

Some digging suggests that this is not an uncommon failure mode for
grubby... dates back to

The man page is rather unhelpful on the subject of templates.  I've tried
restoring older kernel entries to grub.conf from a backup, but that hasn't
helped a whole lot.

Anything else I can look at?



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