Fedora 15 Final Release Candidate 2 (RC2) - GRUB problem [solved]

Scott Robbins scottro at nyc.rr.com
Fri May 13 15:50:30 UTC 2011

On Fri, May 13, 2011 at 11:00:20PM +0800, Frederic Muller wrote:
> On 05/13/2011 10:34 PM, Frederic Muller wrote:
>     On 05/13/2011 09:57 PM, Frederic Muller wrote:
>         Dear all,
>         I'm running in a small problem which has been consistent in all DVD
>         images I've installed since Alpha (I thought I was the culprit).
>         Here is what I do:
>         1. Download DVD iso image
>         2. Use livecd-iso-to-disk to copy to USB
>         3. Boot from USB to install on laptop
>         4. Select all default option except disk partitioning:
>          - custom
>          - I create 3 partitions: / & /home ext4 and swap
>         5. Install prompts from GRUB install which is /dev/sdb1 (USB) by
>         default
>         6. I change it to /dev/sda1 (which is the other options)

I haven't tried it that way, but I always (with unetbootin,
which probably works the same way) is change BIOS drive order, putting
/dev/sda before /dev/sdb.  This is assuming you want it in the mbr,
rather than the first partition.  Usually, it's put in the first
partition when you have another bootloader, whether grub or something,
used with chainloader +1.  

Note that after changing BIOS drive order, sometimes, it still shows the
second device as also being /dev/sda.  This doesn't matter as long as
the first device is /dev/sda.  

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