Strange behavior after deleting secondary swap partition with F15

Leslie S Satenstein lsatenstein at
Sun May 15 07:02:32 UTC 2011

I have a multi-drive system. One disk has F14 and one with F15 beta

I recently noticed that there fstab had two swap partitions. First occurrance was on F14 drive, and the second on the F15 beta drive.  I usually use one drive exclusively, so
I commented out the line with the F14 swap.

On rebooting,  There was about 45 seconds of black screen, which I attribute to either formatting the swap partition that was now the only one, and perhaps laying down some paged out files.

What was even more bizzarre, was the system clock came up wrong. I am in GMT-5 and it came up as GMT ±0  (five hours ahead).

To check that the swap format was the cause of the delay, I rebooted.

Now the system came up almost immediately, and this time the clock was correct.

Anyone else notice this "bizzare", rare occurrence.  No problem on subsequent reboot of the system.

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