no GDM after preupgrade from F14 -- help!

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> On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 9:51 PM, Steven Stern
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>  > I ran pre-upgrade this afternoon on my F14 system. ?Now, when booting> it goes through the boot process. I can see it start the last thing in> the init list, (Started Display Manager) the screen flashes a few> times, then nothing. If I ALT-F2, I can login and see that gdm is> running, but it's not visible. ?Xorg logs show that the radeon driver> is correctly selected. ?The main screen is just the list of> "Started....">> Looking for suggestions before I restore from backup or try a clean install.>
>  Following up on my post:
> I booted into run level 3 and did a yum update. It found 12 packages
> to install, 184 to update, and 12 to remove.
> One or more of those updates did the trick.
>  I ran into this yesterday on a netinstall of f15 RC3:
> It is due to an non-working old version of dconf
> the bad version was 0.7.4-1 and the new one is 0.7.5-1
> fix it by just updating to dconf-0.7.5-1
> yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update dconf
> oh, sorry, mine was a netinstall too.
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