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#193: Update InstallSourceHardDrive test case
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Comment (by jlaska):

 Replying to [ticket:193 kparal]:
 > https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/TestCases/InstallSourceHardDrive seems
 to be outdated:
 >  * We no longer use CD images.

 That is correct.  We can remove it, although I'm inclined to keep it in
 the test only because I don't think it confuses matters badly.  I
 hesitated too since I wanted to make 100% sure we would ship a release
 without CD ISO images.  Since that's about to be the case, perhaps we can
 revisit.  Is the wording confusing in your opinion, is it just a matter of
 removing references to ''CD''?

 >  * Is boot.iso being generated, or is it netinst.iso?

 Those two terms are used interchangeably throughout our test cases.  For
 nightly auto-generated trees, the file is called 'boot.iso'.  For official
 release media, the file is called 'Fedora-$releasever-$basearch-
 netinst.iso'.  Rather than specify this difference, we've just ignored it.
 This seems to be consistent with our installation guide, I can't find
 references to netinst.iso there either.  They're really the same files
 anyway ... same sha256sum.  Is there some adjusted wording you'd propose?

 >  * Is askmethod anaconda option still valid?

 As clumens noted, yes.  This is actually required in some cases (like the
 HD ISO install).  I've made some minor wording adjustments.

 I've made some adjustments, feel free to review ...

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