[Fedora QA] #193: Update InstallSourceHardDrive test case

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#193: Update InstallSourceHardDrive test case
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Comment (by kparal):

 Replying to [comment:2 jlaska]:
 > That is correct.  We can remove it, although I'm inclined to keep it in
 the test only because I don't think it confuses matters badly.  I
 hesitated too since I wanted to make 100% sure we would ship a release
 without CD ISO images.  Since that's about to be the case, perhaps we can
 revisit.  Is the wording confusing in your opinion, is it just a matter of
 removing references to ''CD''?

 It's not confusing, I just think that it will be more readable when we
 remove references to CDs (when we no longer use them anyway). Is there
 still a possibility to ship F15 on CDs? I have no insight in that, but I
 consider that highly unlikely, since that method wouldn't be tested at

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