npviewer crash?

Frank Murphy frankly3d at
Mon May 16 21:30:56 UTC 2011

On 16/05/11 21:39, Adam Williamson wrote:

> You need it to run 32-bit Flash on 64-bit Fedora, which is still our
> recommended setup for the proprietary Flash (as Adobe does not update
> the 64-bit plugin anywhere near as quickly as the 32-bit one, so it's
> usually vulnerable to an assortment of widely known, critical security
> issues, which is not something you want, to put it mildly). And even
> when arch isn't an issue, nspluginwrapper provides isolation for
> plugins; when a plugin crashes, the browser doesn't. (This is marketed
> as a feature of other browsers, notably Chrome.)

rpm -q flash-plugin

and less problems without nspluginwrapper.


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