gnome3 and removable devices...

Rob Healey robhealey1 at
Wed May 18 06:19:28 UTC 2011


I remember that in the old Gnome 2.x, you could pull in a usb hard drive and
the icon would show on the desktop...

To safely remove the device, you could right click the icon, and choose
"Safety remove..."

In the new and awesome gnome3, there is a way to have the desktop handle
icons and devices, but I do not like it...

I know that my device will show in the upper panel bar, but how do I "Safely
remove..." my device?  I know that I can open a terminal, su -l to root, and
the umount /dev/sda1...  pain in the butt to have to do it this way!

Can someone tell me how to handle this situation the correct gnome3 way?

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

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