F15 - status of /run/user, /dev/shm, and potential for a DoS attack

JB jb.1234abcd at gmail.com
Wed May 18 06:31:15 UTC 2011


There are threads on this list and a Bugzilla report filed.

Can somebody explain what is the current status of it with regard to F15
release declared ready ?

The problem affects /run/user/ and /dev/shm.
As I understand they are a DoS capable attack venues.
There are separate temporary remedies offered for both problems, but they are
up to users themselves to apply.

Was that considered to be a blocker and a part of release criteria for F15 ?

As the problem is known in advance, will it be part of an official release
announcement and Fedora documentation, describing it and how the users can 
protect their machines thru a temporary remedy ?


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