Gnome shell won't wake up in the morning

Steven Stern subscribed-lists at
Wed May 18 14:22:34 UTC 2011

I sat down at my desktop this morning and moved the mouse a bit to get
the monitor/screen to come back to life.  I have lock desktop disabled.

The monitor came on from stand-by. The top bar of the shell lit up,
saying 11:20 PM and showing my name at the right, with a lock icon next
to it.  (11:20 PM was more or less when the monitor (not the system)
went on standby last night.)

I wiggled the mouse  a bit more, but the shell did not re-engage,
although I waited about 4 minutes.  Using Alt-F2, I opened a console and
stopped the gnome-shell process.  Gnome-shell restarted itself and I was
able to resume using the GUI when I went back to the GUI display (ALT-F1).

-- Steve

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