My Fedora 15 beta experiences so far

Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Thu May 19 08:52:24 UTC 2011

On 05/14/2011 06:49 PM, cornel panceac wrote:
> of course, we all remember when, several years ago, the tool that
> could've customized gdm (gdmsetup?) dissapeared and was supposed to be
> rewritten sometimes in the future, soon, anyway.
> i'm not saying that the gnome team does not want to do the right
> thing, but again, maybe the man power is overrated. if this is the
> case, maybe the development should slow down to adapt to the available
> resources.

There was no plans to rewrite the whole of it.  Some portions in account
settings etc but the majority was never intended to come back at all. 


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