Battery applet after suspend

Samuel Sieb samuel at
Thu May 19 22:34:15 UTC 2011

Brian C. Huffman wrote:
> * The battery applet is showing the symbol for 0% (empty battery with an
> "x")
I was going to say I see this on F14 as well, but then I remembered that I'm 
using the kernel from F15.  If I click on the battery icon (maybe you can't do 
that on F15) I see four batteries!  Two of them are at 0% and two are at 100%. 
There is only one battery in this laptop, but there are two battery entries 
under /proc/acpi, one present, one not.

This is not a bug report and I won't file one at this point because of my setup. 
  I'm just mentioning that I see the same thing and a possible reason for it 
which would be worth a bug report if it's the cause.

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