without selinux

Jon Ciesla limb at jcomserv.net
Fri May 20 18:44:09 UTC 2011

Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> cornel panceac wrote:
>> ok, to put it simply i don't need it. and remove like in yum remove
>> selinux\* policy\*    .
>> one other reason is that the computer is not the fastest in the world
>> and i don't want to waste time with yum upgrading things i don't need.
> Side note: This thread is a great candidate for the user list.
> You cannot remove SELinux completely from Fedora through yum. The best 
> you can do is set it to Disabled and exclude selinux-* and libselinux 
> from being upgraded. Note: Some packages may require newer SELinux 
> packages and may fail to update if you exclude them.
> I don't see you benefiting at all from disabling/excluding SELinux. 
> You're best off saving your pennies for a faster computer.
To be fair, speaking as a paranoid person with geriatric hardware, I 
have a 400Mhz PII with selinux and it's performance isn't affected by 
it's presence, and updates don't take *that* long.  Certainly not to the 
point of any impact on anything.


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