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I am also not sure if some of these ideas are because of BtrFs or not?

I would like to take a few minutes to discuss what my first impressions are
with BtrFs...  From information that Josef gave me this afternoon, I
downloaded the F15-RC3-x86_64-DVD today, and installed 1888 packages...
This process seems to go just as usual for me!

I rebooted, and then completeed a yum updates with the fedora, updates, and
updates-testing repos enabled.  I had 244 packages, and 425 Mb worth of
updates!  Yum took for ever to complete this small update...

As this was running, I copied over 500 Mb from my usb 2.0 flash drive to my
personal home directory.  This process flew, and was completed in record

After my fc15 update was completed, I rebooted once again...  I disabled
fedora, updates, updates-testing and enabled rawhide...

I updated my newly-fc15 installed system up to rawhide/ fc16 with 1041
packages, and 1.0 Gb of packages!  The download happened very fast, and
suprised me how quickly it did happen!

Yum once again, took over two hours to update and cleanup these packages!  I
have never ever taken that much time to update my computer no matter how
many or how little of updates to install...

Of course, I understand the nature of bleeding edge, and this is the main
reason that I love Fedora and have used it ever since Redhat6!

One other thing, and I know that this is not related to BtrFs, but my
internet wired connection to this computer is turned off whenever I reboot
my computer!  I have to click on the NetworkManager icon and click on the
wired option to get it working!

yum-plugin-fs-shapshot which is an incredible piece of technology allows
BtrFs to take a snapshot of my computer before any major changes is
wonderful!  I do not believe that it should take a snapshot every time that
I install or remove any package...  I believe that there should be a yum
--option for it to create a snapshot before yum does anything...

Everything else, works and runs wonderfully!  I am so grateful to everyone
that is associated with the project which allows me to use and run it...

Thank you so much for allowing me to ramble on...

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

"Always surround yourself with people that inspire you to
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