My Fedora 15 beta experiences so far

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Mon May 23 17:13:10 UTC 2011

On 05/23/2011 12:35 PM, James Laska wrote:

> I just completed a F-15 DVD install (no online repos enabled) on
> baremetal.  After installation and boot-up, the network is not enabled
> (as expected).  When I click the NM icon in GNOME3, and turn 'on' wired
> networking, a network connection is established.
> I'm also able to select 'Options...' for the wired NIC, and check '[X]
> Connect Automatically' so subsequent boots/logins enable networking.

  It sounded like the other poster(s) were saying the problem case is
when you do not establish a network connection (you did obviously) - for
some reason - that in case of failure to make a network connection, that
the Options thing was grayed out ... and the more detailed network tool
was unavailable.

  But I'm just idly reading ... on F14 :-)

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