A Minor Disaster with Fedora 15

Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R caf at omen.com
Thu May 26 08:56:22 UTC 2011

I installed the Fedora 15 64 bit desktop release on an
ASUD P5B-E with 8GB ram and several 2TB drives.
The install with basic video driver was uneventful.

Alas, booting got no further than grub-rescue.
No Fedora.  No Windows either!

The hardware configuration had Windows and Ubuntu
on sde.  So I rearranged the hardware to make that
drive sda and reinstalled.  No Joy.

I turned off AHCI and tried IDE mode.  Reinstalled
with no joy.

Finally I installed Xubuntu 11.04 and I can now boot
either Windows or Linux.

Offhand I'd guess that the old Grub in Fedora can't hack
the hardware.  How can I get Fedora to install with the
current Grub???

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