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#192: Proposed Test Day - IPv6 - June 8, 2011 (Wednesday)
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Comment (by adamwill):

 wow, this is coming up, soon, huh!

 so the test day page looks like it has all the relevant content, but we
 could present it a bit better by separating the instructions out into test
 cases and tidying up the formatting a bit. I can take a shot at that but
 it'll need those of you who actually understand this stuff to make sure I
 don't make any mistakes!

 on the 'fedora event' side of things, once the page is order, we just need
 to ensure that announcements are sent to the appropriate mailing lists and
 news organizations - we should try and publicize this quite widely, I
 think, as it'll have lots of general interest. that also means we should
 try to make sure the test instructions are pretty idiot-proof :)

 it also helps for as many people as possible to blog about it and spread
 the word in identica and all those other shiny new things, but we can sort
 that out a bit closer to the event. I usually work on the basis of
 publicizing the event two days ahead of time, but for a big one like this
 it might help to talk about it earlier and more often, to really generate
 some buzz.

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