Ron Yorston rmy at
Sun May 29 06:32:29 UTC 2011

Rob Healey wrote:
>Is there anyway that you plan to submit this to Fedora, and if so, I would
>like to suggest one improvement!

I don't plan to submit it.  I'm not a Fedora contributor, just a grumpy
old user who doesn't know when to stop hacking on things he doesn't
understand.  I have made an RPM, though.  It's available from my website.

>Would it be possible to add a cartoon box where it says what the icon is in
>the new favorites area?

Tooltips on the panel launchers were added in version 0.0.3.  Maybe you
need an update.

>I want you to know how much I like and use your changes...

Thank you.  You are not alone.

(BTW, it's 'frippery', not 'flippery'.)


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