New BugZapper Introduction

Matej Cepl mcepl at
Mon May 30 20:51:54 UTC 2011

Dne 29.5.2011 06:40, Mathieu Bouffard napsal(a):
> Well that was alot to say "I like this and I want to contribute and
> learn more!"
> I read the wiki pages in a bit of a glance and I'll read them again. As
> for help getting started, maybe some pointers in general directions of
> some things that someone learned that wasn't obvious, or some things
> that aren't well documented perhaps?

We try to document all such bits of information on pages under If you find anything missing 
or confusing there, remember, it's a wiki, feel free to change it (if 
you are not sure after consultation on #fedora-bugzappers on Freenode 
and/or asking for review of the draft of changed page).

Aside from getting through all bureaucratic stuff 
( we 
encourage all new bug triagers to decide on the particular component 
where they want to specialize. Take a look at and if 
you see a component which might be interesting to you, contact the 
bugzapper (if there is one signed on the component) and maintainer and 
ask them how you can help them.

Of course, feel free ask for help on any other other issue as well. 
Either here or on #fedora-bugzappers.

Welcome on board!


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