Gnome 3

Pasha R at
Tue May 31 16:46:56 UTC 2011

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 6:54 PM, Lawrence E Graves
<lgraves at> wrote:
> I have read all of the opinions about Gnome 3 and was reluctant to
> participate in the discussion but something would not let me leave it
> alone.
> Many of you have purchased new cars and I am quite sure there were some
> things on the car that were not quite what you thought they would be but
> I asked the question "Did you go to the dealer and complain or did you
> just work it out."
Well, I believe that participants of these discussions just work it
out in most cases. But, continuing your car analogy, it looks like
this car has gas and brake pedals swapped and steering wheel is
nowhere to be found. May be this new revolutionary driving interface
is great for those who never driven a car yet, but those who did will
find it hard to accept.

> Yes, I have only been using Fedora for about 7 years and Gnome 3 is
> "NEW" but I have discovered that every day I wake up is new but I just
> work it out.
> I believe if we concentrate on the solutions rather than the problems it
> will all get resolved. I just wish I could help on the level needed to
> help fix those things that are broken. Enough said. I have learned to
> stay in the boat whatever the storms may be.

I disagree with that. Before we can concentrate on the solutions, we
need to agree on problems, or at least acknowledge that we have
problems :-)

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