My Fedora 15 beta experiences so far

Jason D. Clinton me at
Tue May 31 17:48:42 UTC 2011

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 12:42, John Dulaney <j_dulaney at> wrote:
>>Yes, we use the exact same applet in GNOME 3 Fallback Mode
>>so we have an interest in its continued maintenance for the foreseesble
>> future.
> Indeed.  Maybe that's how I got it, from testing fallback?  Anyway, it
> still has all the functionality that it had before, or at least everything
> I use.  I wonder who maintains it (I'll look it up)?  This is an app
> that, because of Fluxbox and several other 'minority' desktops
> that would be good to have for some time.  I'm thinking that it should
> be quite some time before we have to worry about NM API changes
> again (at least I hope so).

If you maintain or package software which depends on the NM API's,
then those would be good questions for Dan Williams. I don't know the
answer to those questions; sorry.

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