Pre RC4 install testing

Tim Flink tflink at
Tue Nov 1 22:08:19 UTC 2011

I keep saying this but this will hopfully be the last test boot.iso for
Fedora 16.

The only thing in these isos that has an update at the moment is dracut:

The new kernel build that I used (3.1.0-7.fc16) doesn't have an update
yet but should have one soon.

The bugs that can be tested with this iso are:
   * This iso has the new kernel build on it, should boot on EFI
     machines that were affected.
   * I have no EFI machines to test with, let me know if the test iso
     has issues with the efidisk.img
   * Kickstart File Path Ks Cfg [1]

If you have the time, please give the image a whirl so that we can
catch any issues (if there are any) before RC4 get spun up.



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