F16 selecting kde and deselecting gnome: gdm-shell error

Gianluca Cecchi gianluca.cecchi at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 10:38:23 UTC 2011

On Wed Oct 26 18:09:48 UTC 2011 Adam Williamson wrote:
> Well, I can't reproduce the most worrying issue here, with TC2: I just
> took the TC2 DVD, selected KDE, de-selected GNOME, and got a system with
> kdm installed but not gdm. It boots to a kdm login window and I can log
> in.
> Did you make any other customizations to the package set?

No. No other changes.
I can send install.log and yum.log. Let me know
Update: today I ran
- yum distro-sync full
(had to remove autocorr-en and its dependencies because they came from
updates-testing and otherwise the command didn't complete)
- disable updates-testing repo
- yum update
And I think I'm now at RC4.
- reboot
Now kdm starts correctly and I'm able to drop down the "session type"
and choose the "KDE plasma workspace" and able to login.
Switching to console is correct too; no further garbage in ttys
screens as before. Thanks
I can start form scratch the install from vmlinuz+initrd from rc4 an
retest the cycle...
At this moment I manually created the classic /etc/sysconfig/desktop file.
Is this supposed to be obsoleted now? And installation correctly care
of defaulting to kdm when selected KDE, de-selected GNOME?


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