and firefox on fedora 16?

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at
Thu Nov 3 12:03:25 UTC 2011

Yesterday we were trying to figure out why no prices show up
on on a friend's rhel 6 system when visiting it
with firefox. The only google results I found was someone with
the same problem when he disabled javascript (but javascript
was not disabled).

Today I tried it on my fedora 16 boot partition with firefox
7.0.1, and by golly, I see the same problem. The box in the
middle of the page that normally has the price info and
the add to cart button is not showing the price (or the button).

Is javascript busted in f16? Does anyone else have a problem
with newegg showing prices? The specific web page I visited

On my fedora 15 system with firefox 7.0.1, the price does
appear. Same version of firefox, so I really don't understand
what is happening here :-).

Anyone else see the same problem with newegg?

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