and firefox on fedora 16?

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Thu Nov 3 17:25:21 UTC 2011

On 2011/11/03 08:16 (GMT-0500) Michael Cronenworth composed:

> On 11/03/2011 07:03 AM, Tom Horsley wrote:

>> Anyone else see the same problem with newegg?

> I would have to guess it is a video driver issue instead of a Firefox
> issue. You might want to state the video card and driver you are using
> (proprietary or otherwise).

I'd be shocked if you turned out to be right about a video driver being at fault.

More likely candidates:
1-IPV6 vs IPV4
3-site scripting: Newegg adjusts various sizes of objects according to what 
it discovers about your browser settings, like viewport size, screen 
resolution and default font size
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