and firefox on fedora 16?

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Thu Nov 3 20:35:48 UTC 2011

On 11/03/2011 03:30 PM, Kevin Martin wrote:
> Hmm, don't know that I agree with that.  I've seen issues in other places with IPV6 turned on or off respectively.  Perhaps the
> correct way to test that is to make sure to run firefox with all extensions turned off, IPV6 set on, see what looks like,
> turn off IPV6, checkout again.   That way you are sure that extensions are doing something weird and can verify the
> validity of IPV6 getting in the way or not.

The price is ASCII text embedded in the HTML page. IPv6 has absolutely 
nothing to do with this issue. You could view the source code of the 
page and find the price. It is a rendering problem (that I, and others 
cannot reproduce).

There is no mythical IPv6 monster eating your bytes. I hate that this 
"disabling IPv6 fixed it" myth exists. Pretty soon you will have to 
enable IPv6 to even get on the Internet.

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