and firefox on fedora 16?

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Thu Nov 3 20:50:40 UTC 2011

On 11/03/2011 03:45 PM, Jonathan Kamens wrote:
> Actually, if I understood correctly, what I believe he said was that 
> the price data was fetched and inserted into the page by JavaScript, 
> and the JavaScript code in question was unable to resolve the host 
> name it needed to contact to fetch the price.

Yes, it is fetched with JavaScript. See below.

> If the host has an IPv6 address, and if either (a) the IPv6 address 
> isn't reachable or (b) there's something messed up in the IPv6 
> configuration on your end, such that /no/ IPv6 address is reachable, 
> then it's entirely plausible that disabling IPv6 could fix an issue 
> like this.

Newegg doesn't have a single IPv6 address attached to any of their 
domains. That's also ignoring the fact that Firefox, as well as glibc, 
will start with a IPv4 address by default unless it detects you have a 
real (non 6to4) IPv6 default route. Toggling a little setting in Firefox 
will do jack squat.

Explain yourself out of that one. I'm done with this thread.

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