Problems with blank uncompletely burned rewritable CD's in F16

Kamil Paral kparal at
Mon Nov 7 09:24:53 UTC 2011

> Hi,
> I'm trying to blank *uncompletely burned* rewritable CD's with
> brasero:
> brasero waits until such a CD is inserted, but nothing happens if I
> insert the CD (Brasero does not recognize resp. has no access to such
> a
> CD in the CD drive).
> I'm using nautilus as file manager inside gnome-shell, and if I
> insert
> such a CD, nautilus does not display the CD drive symbol if clicking
> onto to "computer" icon on the desktop (seems to be the same
> behaviour
> as brasero shows).

I have had similar issues with some DVDs. I burned them in Brasero, but I couldn't read them nor blank them afterwards. They could be blanked in Windows. Then they worked even in Fedora. Bah.

> I did not try tu use k3b for such unclean CD's, but by using "wodim
> blank=fast ...", the CD will be blanked properly.

I'll try wodim next time. But from what I remember, I looked into dmesg and it seemed that kernel didn't even found that media, no partition was created, etc.

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