Remote Installation Testing System Proposal

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> Tim Flink <tflink <at>> writes:
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> > This came up in the QA meeting on Monday and I've put together a
> > proposal to create a minimal system as a trial.
> > 
> >
> > ...
> A virtual test system (also with access via Internet) is an excellent
> idea.
> I hope that you can not only select an iso to create a private VM,
> but then also will be allowed to "yum install|remove|..." on top of
> it ?

My initial thought was to provide post-install access to the machine
for a pre-determined amount of time. After that time, the VM would be
forcefully disconnected and destroyed whether the test was done or not.

> If so, it would be good to have (actually you will need it as you
> will see) some VM hosts system management entries to administer,
> manage, clear, watch, debug VM hosts and Internet access and security
> issues, some available to virtual test system admin, others to
> users/testers. And that means you will be required to provide
> 24/7/365 virtual test system coverage.

You bring up a lot of good points here but I'm not sure that now is the
time to be discussing all the complications that would come with a
more permanent system.

To borrow a phrase from a presentation I watched recently, I want to
focus on making sure that we're "doing the right it" before looking at
"doing it right". The trial system will not be as secure as a more
permanent system would be and will require significant manual
oversight/intervention during the trial period.

However, I don't think that starting off by putting a month or two of
development effort into an idea that may or may not be used would be the
best use of resources.

If we do end up making this a more permanent system, the trial system
will either need to be completely thrown out or significantly changed
to require less manual intervention and have fewer potential avenues
for abuse.

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